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What is the problem:

     HIV-AIDS has become a frequent feature in Africa, Cameroon and so even in the small town of Bali in the North-West of the country. It kills mostly those between 20 and 45, who often have children and are the economic pillar of the family. Luckily the social fabric is still strong, so when both parents die, children are taken in by relatives, which secures their food and shelter. However there are mostly already too many children, so no money for school for the ‘new’ children. Their education will stop abruptly and they will do household chores and put to work on the land or elsewhere.

 What is being done?

      Foundation ‘Ma-Flo’ was created in 2007 to assist Ma Flo and registered under Dutch law.

      A “Ma-Flo Support Committee” was created at Bali, to assure that the school community is involved, children monitored and money properly spent and accounted for.

What money for Education?

     There are Government and mission schools (Presbyterian, Catholic or Baptist), but on all children have to buy their books, pens, exercise books, uniform and contributions for the parent-teachers association.

    School fees are paid at the mission schools. For the children currently on Ma Flo’s list an average amount of € 50 per child per year is needed.

How can you Help?

       Contribute towards the cost of education of these children by paying any amount into our account;

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