Foundation Ma-Flo




The ‘Ma-Flo Foundation’ was created on 20.09.2007 to assist ‘Ma Flo’ (Mrs. Florence Foyab-Bergner) in her project and registered under Dutch law, at the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam under number 24421756.

A “Ma-Flo Support Committee” was created at Bali in Cameroon, to assure that the school community is involved, children monitored and money properly spent and accounted for.



During a family visit in 2005 to her birth town Bali, Cameroon in West Africa ‘Ma Flo’, Ms. Florence Bergner-Foyab, visited her old primary school. There she was told about children that no longer could go to school, because their parents had passed away.

Ma Flo decided to do help these children and with gifts from friends and relatives in Cameroon and The Netherlands, Ma Flo started in 2005 to pay the school costs for as many of these aids-orphans as she could.

Description of target group:

Bali is a small town and district in the North West Province of the English speaking part of the Republic of Cameroon.

The inhabitants are almost exclusively part of the Bali-Nyonga sub-ethnic group, using apart from English, their own vernacular Mungaka and Pidgin English. Farming is the main occupation, with coffee as a cash crop while maize, plantains, cocoyam, yam, cassava, sorghum and various vegetables are food crops.

Although Cameroon is reportedly a middle income country, many families are living below the poverty line of an income of less than two US dollars a day. These families live in cities as well as in rural areas. Bali, being a small town is a mixture of both situations. Families are hard hit by increasing lack of employment and loss of their breadwinners because of AIDS.

HIV-AIDS has become a frequent feature in Africa, Cameroon and so even in the small town of Bali in the North-West of the country. Prevention and awareness came too late so AIDS kills mostly those between 20 and 45, who often have children and are the economic pillar of the family. Luckily the social fabric is still strong, so when both parents die, children are taken in by relatives, which secures their food and shelter. However there are often already too many children, so no money for school for the ‘new’ children. Their education will stop abruptly and they will do household chores and put to work on the farm or elsewhere.

Developments during 2007 and 2013:

The members of the Scots International Church Rotterdam (SICR) have been an important source of financial support for the Ma Flo project, since it started in 2005. ‘Ma Flo’ also being a member of SICR, found other church members willing to provide institutional support. Hence the ‘Foundation Ma-Flo’ was created as mentioned above. However, it is important to mention that the foundation and the project activities in Cameroon do not have a religious, but a purely secular humanitarian objective and extent.

The Board of the ‘Ma-Flo Foundation’ has been meeting once in 2007 and several times in the following years, discussing the modalities of supporting education for aids orphans in Bali. The above mentioned “Ma-Flo Support Committee” was set up as a result of a board meeting and meets several times a year, while board members interact regularly.


The secretary proved instrumental in the registration of the orphans supported, as well as the required amount of fees and cost of stationary as books, exercise books and pencils was established.

At the end of 2008 was the first time ‘Ma Flo’ left for a self-funded working visit to Cameroon, carrying funds from the  ‘Foundation Ma-Flo’ to pay for project activities.

She has continued to make these self-funded visits annually, mostly during the end of the year. These visits brought valued information and enhanced the cooperation with the “Ma-Flo Support Committee”.

In 2010 at the suggestion of Ma Flo basic furniture, being a table with drawer and a chair were manufactured locally for one of the Government schools, where teachers lacked such facility.

In 2011 received a request from the Presbyterian School at Njenka Bali for the construction of a 3-seater pit latrine at accost of € 766. This simple construction of mud blocks, and corrugated aluminium sheets was to be their first toilet. The request was approved and the sanitary facility constructed.

School fees and registration fees for the First School Leaving Exams have been paid every year in September for the benefitting orphans.

Ma Flo has been organizing simple Christmas parties for the orphans every year. 

Intentions of the Policy Plan 2013 – 2015:

The Policy Plan for the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’ is intended to develop and structure the activities of the board of the foundation, as fundraising, publicity and institutional support to the board itself and the activities of the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education project’.

1.      Functioning of the Board of the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’

-          The Board of the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’ will extend its membership with two or three members in order to broaden its base, increase efforts and ideas for fundraising and give advise to the activities of the project in Cameroon. The Board will consider including Mrs. Florence Foyab-Bergner, Project Director of the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education Project’, as a full board member, though she has been invited to and attended most board meetings as an observer and informant.

-          The Board will write its by-laws in order to regulate the functioning of the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’ in particular the responsibility of board members and their term of office.

-          The Board will, being advised by the Project Director and the “Ma-Flo Support Committee” make efforts to describe the parameters of the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education project’, including the more direct target group being the supported orphans.

2.      Fundraising by the Board and by the “Ma-Flo Support Committee”

-          The Board of the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’ will make efforts to further diversify and secure its fundraising in order to be able to maintain its level of support for the costs of  education for orphans at primary school level.

-          The Board will encourage and assist the “Ma Flo Support Committee” to source for local funding, be it from the Bali District, the North West Province authorities or private organisations and individuals. The main objective will be to decrease the dependence on funding from the Netherlands.

3.      Publicity for the ’Ma Flo Foundation’ and the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education project’

-          The Board will further develop the publicity materials to support fundraising both in the Netherlands and in Cameroon.

-          The Board will produce and publish an attractive annual report in March each year.

-          The Board will further extend the publicity through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

5.      Accountancy and administration:

-          The Board will structure and regularise the accountancy and administration in collaboration with the “Ma Flo Support Committee”.

-          The Board will decide each year in August or September, which amounts of the funds raised within that calendar year can be sent to the “Ma Flo Support Committee” to be used for the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education project’.

6.      Development of the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education project’

-          The Board will research the possibilities to assist the “Ma Flo Support Committee” to start an income generating activity to decrease the dependency on cash fundraising.

-          The Board will research the possibilities to assist the schools where the beneficiaries of the ‘Ma Flo Bali Aids Orphans Education Project are being educated, with financing of improvement of physical structures, like amenities as toilets as well as playgrounds.

Timeline, targets, checks and balances:

It is not easy to set realistic a realistic timeline or targets and assure that checks and balances are in place, given the situation in Cameroon.

The Board will therefore develop an action plan in collaboration with the “Ma Flo Support Committee”, which will describe phases of implementation for the above mentioned intentions.

Confirmation and adjustments of this Policy Plan:

This Policy Plan 2013 – 2015 was confirmed in the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’ Board meeting of 30.07.2013. It will be valid till July 2015 and will be adjusted in before July 2014 and 2015 or any earlier if the ‘Ma Flo Foundation’ Board so decides.hjuypp